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Welcome to little David Chibueze
July 4, 2017
Thank you Holden for our beautiful Astra
August 18, 2017

So much to share

What a wonderful month August has been so far!

We had a party to celebrate two birthdays in our house in early August.  Our beautiful Shahd turned eight and little William celebrated his fourth birthday.  Shahd’s friends from school, our carers and our extended family all joined in the fun. It was a very special day.

This month we were also given the use of a beautiful, new Holden Astra by Holden Australia to support our work.  Having this car will make a real difference, as our carers and I can transport some of our children and many of the supplies we need every day.  Thank you so much Holden!

Our beautiful Angel was featured on A Current Affair this month.  As you know, she has been cleared for surgery. It will be a big, life changing journey for this very brave, young girl and we invite you to follow her progress with A Current Affair as Martin King and his team report each milestone along the way.  We know Angel and her mum, Sania are in your prayers and we thank you for your support.

Severine’s twins, Molly and Moira are doing very well, as is Leila and Favour’s little son, David Chibueze.  Both Severine and Leila are doing further studies to help them build their lives in Australia.

So much happens in our house every day.  Please follow us on Facebook, where we share our news as frequently as we can.

In Peace and Service Always.  Keep smiling,


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