Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation

Referring a child

Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation will assist disadvantaged children from developing countries who need life-changing surgery that do not have the necessary resources in their country of origin.
The program accepts referrals for children who have an operable condition that cannot be treated in their home country; we seek this confirmation from surgeons who partner with us.
This will be assessed on a case by case basis and we usually assist children aged sixteen years or younger.
Children can be referred to us by family members, members of the child’s community, surgeons, health professionals and individuals volunteering in developing countries or tourists travelling overseas.
Families will be asked to provide medical reports, x-rays and case notes to enable our surgeons to decide if the condition is operable and, in some cases, able to be managed when the child returns home.

Referral process

The Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation is staffed entirely by volunteers.