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Happy 1st birthday to our twins
January 22, 2018
Thank you CFMEU again
Thank you again to the CFMEU!
February 26, 2018

Our new car is wonderful

new car is wonderful

Thank you so much to Holden for our beautiful new Holden Equinox.  It’s so comfortable and just perfect for our mothers and children. Ahmed had the pleasure of picking it up and he’s now a Holden fan! It’s made our lives so much easier. We use it for those everyday drives like school drop-offs, medical appointments, shopping and more.

All the children are now back at school. Shahd and Angel and in second grade and young Trishna is loving her sports, especially tennis and soccer.

Our beautiful twin babies, Moira and Molly are progressing very well. Moira took her first steps this month and while Molly is still crawling, she won’t be far behind.

Ahmed is training hard. He recently attended an athletics camp at Mt Kosciuszko run by the Australian Institute of Sport.  Emmanuel is also working hard and he’ll soon be releasing his first album. Stay tuned for more news.

As always, I want to thank all our volunteers, donors and supporters. So many people have helped us and are continuing to support our work in so many ways. I can’t thank you all enough. Your light shines in our lives every day.

In Peace and Service Always.  Keep smiling,


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