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Fundraising for Angel
November 8, 2017
Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year to all
December 12, 2017

Fundraisers for Angel and other news

Thank you so much to the wonderful franchisees at La Porchetta!  They have been supporters for over 15 years and now that Angel is ready for her surgery, they are giving even more.  For the whole month of November, participating La Porchetta restaurants across Australia and New Zealand are fundraising for Angel’s surgery.  Customers are invited to donate just $2.00 and leave a message of support for Angel and we will make every effort to ensure that each and every message is received by her.

On November 19th, some wonderful volunteers will take part in the annual Eureka Climb to raise funds for Angel.  That’s 88 levels and 1642 steps they will be climbing. What an effort!  Have a look at their Facebook page and support them if you can.

A special thanks to Merv and Kathy McCallum and their family and friends.  Merv and Kathy have been supporting us for 18 years now and this year, their McCallum Family Golf day $18,500 towards our work.  We very much appreciate their long-time support.

Our beautiful twins, Moira and Molly are doing very well.  Both are healthy and happy as their first birthday approaches in January.  A special thanks goes to all the volunteers helping to care for them and the other children and helping to keep everything running so smoothly in our home.

We’re delighted that Emmanuel will be coming home from LA for Christmas. His new single is soon being released in the USA.  Watch this space for more news.

My heartfelt thanks go to all our supporters for your kindness and care.  We quite simply couldn’t do it without you.

In Peace and Service Always.  Keep smiling,


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