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May 6, 2016
Congratulations Mimoza
December 9, 2016

News of Shahd….and more!


We’ve had an extraordinary few weeks and I’d like to share some of our news with you.

So many people have enquired about Shahd’s progress.  Shahd had her operation in July, 2016 and she’s doing incredibly well. She can now blink and even wink with one eye and she’s really excited about that.  There’s still a long way to go, with more surgery and much therapy to come, but we’re delighted with her progress so far and her amazing spirit is uplifting us all.

A special thank you to Channel 7 for their amazing coverage of Shahd’s story.

Little William

Young William

There is so much happening in our house now.  Young William (pictured) is the son of a family now living with us.  His mother was homeless and his father was overseas, unable to join his wife and child.  We’ve supported them to reunite and helped William’s mother go back to school and learn skills which will help her rebuild a future.

As part of our program to support homeless women, we also have a young woman who is expecting twins now living with us.

We’re very excited about Ahmed’s participation in the Paralympics in September.  He’s swim in the 100 metre breaststroke race.  I’ll be travelling with him to Rio and supporting him all the way.   Please send your messages to him via this site.  He’d love to see them!

Stay tuned for more news in September.

Love always,

Moira Kelly, AO.

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