Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation

Workplace Giving

Does your workplace have a giving program? This is a simple and effective way for businesses and organisations to engage in social responsibility and support the Foundation. Please consider the following:

Regular weekly or fortnightly staff and business contributions. These can be organized through your payroll system and are fully tax-deductible.

Holding functions to raise funds for the Foundation. Fundraising events are a great team building exercise that contributes back to the community.

School Fundraising

School children often feel very strongly about Moira Kelly’s work because it’s about supporting children like themselves.

School communities can be support the Foundation in many different ways. Consider the following:

•Hold a fundraising event such as a mini-fete, or cake stall

•Create Christmas cards for sale and donate the proceeds

•Start a coin collection and see who can collect the most

•Come up with your own great fundraising ideas